Otto Musica Corporation is the Strings & Accessories Group of Messiah Enterprises, which was established in 1974.

For students and young professionals, Otto Musica provides a wide range of high-quality string instruments handmade by our experienced luthiers. These instruments and many accessories are available under the OTTO, Artino, and Muco brands.

We have an expert staff of string instrument specialists in addition to our worldwide network of professionals. This allows us to offer unmatched service and resources to musicians in search of contemporary Italian instruments and other fine rare instruments made by great masters.

Mirage Violin Cases

                The CN-511 (shaped) and CN-512 (oblong) “Mirage” Violin Cases are sturdy, lightweight, and feature-rich cases. Both are made out of the same carbon composite material, meaning the CN-512 weighs 4.3 lbs and the CN-511 only 3.3 lbs. Each case features an adjustable suspension pad, high-quality scratch resistant …

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Carbon Composite Tailpieces

  Otto Musica’s new carbon composite tailpieces are designed to be lightweight and reliable. They are made in Taiwan to our exacting specifications. All our tailpieces feature our special braided steel tail gut, which can hold up to two times the tensile strength of the strings. The carbon composite tailpiece is available in fractional sizes …

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Mirage Cello Case

  The CC-528 “Mirage” Cello Case is a sturdy, lightweight, and feature-rich case. Made out of a carbon composite material, the case weighs only 7.15 pounds. The case has two accessory pouches, adjustable suspension pads, high-quality scratch resistant latches, and more. It is available in a variety of vibrant colors, including blue as pictured above. …

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BF-39 Composite Bows

  The BF-39 Composite Bows are targeted at rental outfits and student model instruments. Made from a high quality carbon graphite stick, the BF-39 bows are well-balanced and of average weight. The imitation whalebone winding and attractive pearl inlay add a touch of elegance to a quality low-cost option. The BF-39 Composite Bow is available for …

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