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Titanium Accessories

Titanium is strong, hypo-allergenic, and extremely lightweight, making Otto Musica proud to present a series of titanium accessories for violin, viola, and cello.


CN36 01CN-36 and CN-40 Chin Rest Legs

  • Extremely lightweight
  • No allergic reaction on the skin of your neck
  • CN-36 for violin
  • CN-40 for viola





EP-5210 08 whole mrgEP-5208 and 5210 Cello Endpin Rod

  • Titanium end pin rod for increased resonance
  • Lightweight like carbon, sturdy like steel
  • Fits into most standard end
    pin fixtures
  • EP-5210 08520mm length
  • EP-5208: 8mm thick, weighs 128g
  • EP-5210: 10mm thick, weighs 190g








AD-101 String AdjusterAD101-01

  • Hill-style string adjuster for use with loop-end strings
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Tailpiece notch clearance requirement: 10mm